Desistance and Disengagement


Our Desistance and Disengagement strategy is aimed at redirecting the vulnerable and misinformed who are on the verge of, or have even slipped down ‘the rabbit hole’ of hate and prejudice

They may be adamant they will not engage with the authorities or psychologists that they view as ‘part of the system’ and their ‘enemies’. 

Individuals will truly believe what they have learnt and the skewed ‘facts’ that fit their narrative. Our work is a gradual process and we focus on particular beliefs and issues with the client to break down their arguments methodically. 

This often leads to a ‘Domino effect’ of related negative themes being able to be corrected. It is a very confusing and stressful experience for our patrons and we’ll provide close support for them and their loved ones.

Accepting that they have been wrong, in some cases for years, will impact on their behaviour and mindset.

how we work

It’s important we don’t provide all our re-education in the office or home environment so on occasion we will need to take users out (following current Government COVID-19 guidelines of course) to cultural locations around the country. 

Safe scenarios are provided where every misconception can be countered and reviewed. Past experience shows that people respond to ‘discovering’ the truth themselves rather than just being told how things really are.

We utilise the backgrounds and involvement of former extremists who have realised they wasted their own lives on futile causes, sometimes leading to them serving custodial sentences and causing lasting upset and pain to their families. Every one of them is keen for others not to repeat their mistakes.

The world is a changed place for the better and a failing to understand that means someone risks being anchored by their negativity to a bitter and unfulfilled future.

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If you believe like us it’s not right to ignore wrong minded people then contact us today for further information. We guarantee total client privacy, however complex the case.