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Recognising the signs of Radicalisation and Extremism

Spotting the signs of radicalisation and extremism early can prevent influenced individuals and groups from walking further down the path of extremism.

Does your friend or loved one demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Are they becoming obsessed with current affairs and become increasingly politicised?
  • Have they become withdrawn and always seem to be online?
  • Has there been changes to their personality, where they are argumentative or aggressive? 
  • Do you feel they are interacting less with those around with them, and losing interest in previous hobbies and activities?
  • Does their conversation frequently go to topics and themes where their hate and prejudice become apparent?
  • Have they taken to displaying pictures or imagery that the general public would find offensive? This could be in many forms, from screen savers to T-shirts and even tattoos.

These are just some of the obvious signs. There are many more subtle changes that only a former extremist would know, as the modern day Radical covers their tracks in a world that they feel is singling them out as they ‘go against the narrative’. 

Each individual case can depend on so many different factors, meaning there is no one course of action to tackle every incidence of radicalism. ‘Proximal’ circumstances include economic situations, family pressures, friend history and parental upbringing. ‘Distal’ conditions can mean that class, religion, ethnicity, age and political influences are taken into account. Whatever combination of factors are fuelling disengagement from modern society, FOLD case workers will identify and tailor the response to challenge and redirect the clients misguided thinking.

The descending pathway some individuals or small groups will take need to be blocked at the earliest opportunity by spotting these signs of radicalisation and extremism.  

By being alarmed, you can raise it. Don’t leave it too late for the gate.

Contact us in confidence if you your friend or loved one has started to display some of these signs of radicalisation.

Client confidentiality is assured from the moment you contact us. Many youngsters have never been taught history in a chronological way, and now latch on to certain eras without knowing the wider context. Others are just going through a phase where they want to shock those around them, and will look at any way to do it. Every concern will be addressed and the vast majority of those we come into contact with accept the help and guidance they are offered. We will continue to offer support to the families who have made referrals to us and monitor the progress of those we have helped. Every client will have the help they need for as long as they need it.

We aim to respond to every enquiry within 24 hours.

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If you believe like us it’s not right to ignore wrong minded people then contact us today for further information. We guarantee total client privacy, however complex the case.