Right wing extremism


Right Wing Extremism can take up many forms, from a ‘glorification’ of the darker episodes of the past, both here and abroad to resentment and hatred of those they see as being ‘different’ to themselves.


There may be a particular emphasis on one group or another, often stemming from ignorance or a bias fuelled by negative media stories, uneducated ‘influencers’ or assumptions with little basis in reality.


Most of these new converts will have had very little interactions with other ethnic groups. Their own circle of friends will often be limited, and they may well be isolated from their peers in the real world


Very often they have a lot of time available to them and will seek out warped versions of politics and current affairs that will seem to justify their frustration and anger at a life, that in their minds, is passing them by. Collections of books and artefacts amassed by them will follow sinister themes and for friends and family to raise concerns may well bring a violent reaction.


Every misconception can be countered but first the walls must be broken down.

how we work

The initial contact is the crucial stage, if the client views our caseworkers as ‘the enemy’ then the chance of genuine disengagement is finished before it’s even started. However difficult a case may appear to be, there are effective, tried and tested methods of treatment to change thoughts and feelings that are detrimental to the wellbeing of the holder and the general population.

Some of our caseworkers and advisors have in depth knowledge of every aspect of the types of right wing extremist and Nationalist ‘arguments’ that may be presented. They know how to ‘calm and correct’ who they work with in a non-patronising or authoritarian way. 

Our methods work, else we wouldn’t have the number of experienced staff keen to work with us, rather than any of the other organisations out there. These methods will be carried out following current Government COVID-19 guidelines of course.

We would never gauge our ‘success’ from the number of convictions in the courts, but rather from the amount of people we can bring back into the FOLD before Judicial intervention is ever required.

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If you believe like us it’s not right to ignore wrong minded people then contact us today for further information. We guarantee total client privacy, however complex the case.