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We at FOLD address and challenge individuals beliefs with facts and counter arguments that would not be listened to if they came from those perceived to have ‘leftist leanings’.

right wing

right wing extremism

Right Wing Extremism can take up many forms, from a ‘glorification’ of the darker episodes of the past, both here and abroad to resentment and hatred of those they see as being ‘different’ to themselves. There may be a particular emphasis on one group or another, often stemming from ignorance or a bias fuelled by negative media stories, uneducated ‘influencers’ or assumptions with little basis in reality. 


Every misconception can be countered but first the ‘walls’ must be broken down.  

Desistance and Disengagement

Our Desistence and Disengagement strategy is aimed at redirecting the vulnerable and misinformed who are on the verge of, or have even slipped down ‘the rabbit hole’ of hate and prejudice

They may be adamant they will not engage with the authorities or psychologists that they view as ‘part of the system’ and their ‘enemies’. 

Accepting that they have been wrong, in some cases for years, will impact on their behaviour and mindset.

Desistance and Disengagement


FOLD works predominantly with private clients after directions from their families but we are also happy to take referrals from Local authorities, Channel groups, or ex-offenders who believe they are being failed in their right to rehabilitation. 
Please contact us in confidence for more details. We aim to respond to every enquiry within 24 hours.

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If you believe like us it’s not right to ignore wrong minded people then contact us today for further information. We guarantee total client privacy, however complex the case.